Copper Alloy Wire and Net for Aquaculture Applications

Halcor produces the UR30® Copper Alloy Wire, specifically engineered for aquaculture applications.
This special copper alloy wire is subsequently woven into chain link fence mesh by special formation machinery.

Nets made from this wire have been shown to provide a service life of more than 10 years.

The UR30® wire has unique properties.

UR30® Copper Alloy Net
UR30® Copper Alloy Net

It is an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable material with high strength and durability.
Its anti-fouling, anti-microbial and anti-corrosion properties make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications for the aquaculture industry.

Popular uses can be found in aquaculture cages, weirs and barriers, fish traps etc.


UR30® Copper Alloy Wire and Net

  • Very strong
  • Highly durable
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-fouling
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Wear Resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fully recyclable


To manufacture this special wire, a copper alloy is used consisting mainly of copper, zinc and tin. The UR30® wire, of a diameter ranging between 2mm to 6mm, is formed into a mesh by special formation machinery. The mesh consists of square openings with square side lengths ranging between 19mm and 100mm.
Chemical Composition
Alloy Cu Sn Al Zn
UR30® 66.0 0.6 0.6 Rem.
Micro-elements excluded
Mechanical Properties
Alloy Products Size Temper Hardness
E/L (%)
UR30® Wire 4,0 mm 1/8 H 54 440 22
Physical Properties
Alloy Melting
Point (oC)
Thermal Conductivity (W/m*K) Electrical Conductivity (% IACS) Coefficient Thermal Expansion (x 10-6/ oC) Longitudinal Modulus of Elasticity (N/ mm2)
UR30® 920 8,4 117 26 21 1,03 x 105


Copper alloy net improves the aquaculture conditions, productivity and sustainability for the farming of a wide variety of fish species (i.e. salmon, trout, sea bream, sea bass etc.) Due to its natural properties, UR30® net presents an ideal solution for both surface and submersible marine aquaculture colonies for near and offshore sites.
copper alloy net improves fish health and welfare

Improves fishhealth and welfare

Copper naturally inhibits biofouling, enabling better water flow circulation and higher dissolved oxygen levels, reducing pen fouling and decreasing the number of parasites, disease organisms and the use of antibiotics. This leads to increased growth and development, lower mortality rates and improved feed conversion.
copper alloy net prohibits predation and prevents escapes

Prohibits predationand prevents escapes

The high-strength copper alloy net deters predator attacks and eliminates escapes of farmed fish, decreasing the direct economic cost to fish farmers and preventing the ecological impact of any interbreeding with wild fish stocks.
copper alloy net reduces maintenance costs


Copper alloy net does not need to be frequently inspected for repair works or removed and cleaned to dispose of biofouling that grows on traditional net pens. This ensures decreased fish stress and lowers the overall costs associated with maintenance.
copper alloy net maintains aquaculture cage volumes

Maintainscage volumes

Copper alloy net provides higher structural stability and robustness under extreme weather conditions.
Maintaining its shape and internal volume against strong waves and currents, it prevents fish crowding and helps maintain high oxygenation that ultimately improves yields.
fully recyclable copper alloy nets

Fully recyclableafter a long life

The Copper alloy net offers extended cage life, lasting a minimum of 10 years or more regardless of its installed environment. Furthermore, it loses little mass over time and is fully recyclable. After its service life, the net is returned and is recycled for the production of a new replacement.
environmentally friendly copper alloy nets


Copper alloy net achieves substantial improvements in environmental performance because it does not require antifouling coatings and the netting material can be recycled into new nets. Furthermore, due to its minimal corrosive metal release to the surrounding water environment, copper is not bioavailable.

Key Benefits

  • Inhibits biofouling and avoids the relevant costs
  • Reduces maintenance costs (low cleaning costs, diving operations costs, repair works costs)
  • Deters predator attacks and prevents escapes
  • Resists adverse weather conditions
  • Increases water flow circulation and oxygenation
  • Improves Growth Rate (SGR)
  • Reduces Feed Conversion Rate (FCR)
  • Decreases Mortality Rate
  • Maintains internal volume
  • Lasts longer
  • Fully recyclable

Delivering Benefits for Fish Farmers

  • SGR: 15% increase
  • Predator attacks: down to < 0.1%
  • Labour hours/tonne: 79% reduction
  • On-site energy use: 15% reduction
  • Mortality: less than 4%
  • FCR: 15% improvement
  • Feed use: 10% reduction
  • Antibiotics: 31% reduction

Environmental Benefits

  • Preserves the marine environment
  • Respects biodiversity
  • Reduces Feed Inputs
  • Reduces material and energy inputs on-site
  • Reduces waste and material sent to landfill
  • Fully recyclable
The Benefits of UR30® Copper Alloy:
Improves fish health and welfare
Excludes predators and prevents escapes
Reduces maintenance
Maintains cage volumes
Long-lived and recyclable
Environmentally friendly